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Working With Business Owners & Third Party Administrators

  • Does your company provide services for 401(k) or other Defined Contribution plans?
  • Do you have clients who could benefit from increased tax deductions?
  • Do you want to be able to offer Defined Benefit Plans or Cash Balance Plans to your clients but don't have any actuaries on staff?
  • Do you have actuaries who aren't familiar with small plans or with Cash Balance Plans but still want to get into those markets?
  • We can work directly with your clients or as a back office for your firm with no client contact, whichever you prefer.
  • All of our reports can be printed on your company's letterhead and sent from your office.
  • Our fees are dependent strictly on the work to be prepared, not on how many hours are spent, so you can lock in your costs when passing them on to your clients.
  • We can help you grow your business by providing the extra services you need to stay competitive.

Please contact us today to work out an arrangement with one of our actuaries that will be mutually beneficial for both companies.

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Ideal Case Studies

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